Agilience A3S Technology: All in one Analytics: Semantics + Social + Statistics

Agilience A3S Technology: All in one Analytics: Semantics + Social + Statistics

A3S unique combination of Semantics Social and Statistical engines
A3S unique combination of Semantics Social and Statistical engines

Today there is over a billion people on social media. Self proclaimed expertise is a poor indicator of topic authority and random endorsement does not make for a more reliable indicator. Agilience profiling technology overcomes these limitations thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence engine A3S. A3S determines topic authority by checking for topic relevancy, peer recognition.


  1. Systematic, objective and reliable  recognition of topic authority calls for profiling technology
  2. Agilience A3S profiling technology is based on a unique combination of Social, Semantic and Statistical engines
  3. Agilience A3S powers authority based search providing you “top stories from top people”

Profiling technology calling

Topic authority necessitates systematic cross checking topic focus and peer recognition.  This calls for profiling technology combining Semantics, Social and Statistical analysis. Agilience A3S  profiling technology is based on a unique combination of semantic, social and statistics:

  • A3S semantic engine checks for topicality,
  • A3S social engine checks for peer recognition,
  • A3S statistic engine checks for sufficient evidence

Profiling Active users

A fraction of social media users actively curate content. To profile active users, A3S screens the content they share as well as the background check of their followers profiles. 

  •  Checking for topic relevancy

A3S semantic engine, analyzes content shared by the source, including blog post, Youtube, Facebook timeline, website pages and online news sources.  From this Analysis, A3S semantic engine generates a topic spectral decomposition of the content shared by the source. A3S semantic engine detects millions of topics; A3S technology is language independent. A3S runs in major languages including english, french, portuguese and Chinese.

  • Checking for peer recognition

Beyond  topic relevancy, A3S checks for social backup  by relevant sources. A3S social engine, exploits the social back up to measure the topic authority of source.. A3S technology performs a social and semantic gradient descent of the social graph to locate top authorities.. 

  • Checking for statistical evidence

Profiling requires significant sampling, A3S integrates a statistical engine. A3S statistical engine confirms the source centrality with respect to the community conversations? centrality of a source per topic  source and topic frequencies. and to build an overall social grid of  topic authorities.

This grid plays an essential role for A3S advanced analytics, and for passive profiling of billions of users

Profiling passive users

Passive profiling starts where active profiling ends. The billion passive users curate little to no content. To profile passive users, A3S  checks for the active friends profile. Profiling active friends induces passive users profiles. Thanks to Agilience Grid providing pretty good coverage of active authorities on each and  every topic, A3S computes sharp passive profile in realtime.  A3S Passive profiling powers unique personnalisation and segmentation capabilities.

Antoine De Jaegere

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