Agilience Mindshare Matrix

Agilience Mindshare Matrix

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Agilience matrix is to mindshare what BCG’s matrix is to marketshare. Agilience matrix distinguishes influencers according to their level of authority and audience. Influencers are mapped into four quadrants. While icons force attention and milk their popularity,  Mavens and Gurus form the authority layer and deserve attention.  Anchors are influencers that have the  potential to become the next authorities


  • Audience counts, Authority matters
  • Mavens and gurus form the Authority layer
  • Popular icons are Audience leaders
  • Anchors are the potential  mavens

Authority versus Audience

Audience and Authority both measure mindshare. While Audience is mere an overall volume indicator, Authority stands for valuable mindshare on a targeted topic.


The prerequisite to become a topic authority is to share topic related content. Anchors are sources centered on the topic; source who share topic relevant content. Anchors are community members, who are worth discovering and that may become mavens, gurus and icons as they start influencing other community insiders. Agilience Constantly scans for new community anchors, and track the evolution of their authority within the community.


Mavens are an essential part of the community authority layer. Mavens are high topic authority. Their audience (as measured by the number of followers is limited), and they are hard to spot. Thanks to their authority, mavens influence the community in a unique way. Mavens authority on the community empowers them with a significant community resonance. They have a much higher influence on the community that their audience seem to indicate. Agilience powerful authority engine is uniquely designed to reveal the mavens hidden in the audience long tail. 

Icons the audience leaders

Icons are authorities in the community with large audience. Thanks to their audience they stand out and are visible within and beyond the community circle. They play a crucial role relaying beyond the community walls stories shared by mavens and gurus, de-facto increasing the reach of the overall community. The icons forms the lower right quadrant of Agilience authority matrix.


Last but not least, there is a guru corner. Gurus are community authorities which manage both to have significant audience/resonance, and Authority within the community. Gurus are community centric authorities who break the compromise between rallying followers within the community and beyond the communities. Gurus play an essential role when it comes to share community related stories. The guru position fills the top right quadrant of Agilience authority matrix.

Antoine De Jaegere