Air France builds up its online authority with Agilience

Air France builds up its online authority with Agilience


We took a moment to talk with Chloé Marchand, responsible of social media for Air France, to gather her impressions about the work that has been going on for the last year.

  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Chloé Marchand and I hold the position of social media responsible for Air France. I joined this team about 1,5 years ago. Before I spent 7 years abroad, based in Asia and Poland for Air France too and always with a certain appetite for new-technologies, the Internet and its implications for an airline compnay such as Air France. But before I joined Air France I spent time in a startup than was based in New York City.

  • What were the stakes and context in which you reached out to Agilience?

We met Agilience back in 2016, shortly after starting my current job. With my team we were looking for solutions that would enable us to trim and streamline the e-influence topic. I liked the rigorous approach of Agilience supported by accurate, reliable and credible technology.
Our angle was to strengthen our authority, without going for volume-based strategies. They are not always the most relevant in order to be recognised and accepted by the authorities that count the most. We wanted to understand, explore influencers’ universe.

  • What type of intervention did Agilience?

We beneficiated from a delivery on gastronomy and luxury travel, two dimensions that are very dear to Air France. Added to this delivery Air France and Agilience have collaborated on a « win-win » mode. Air France gave access to Agilience to its accounts in order for them to test the strength of their tools with large scale accounts. We are pleased about it since we just beneficiated from a little pitch about our authority in French. It was rich with learnings, only confirming that our relation has been overall mutually beneficial.

  • Against your initial problematic what has Agilience’s added value / benefit brought?

There was a great deal of learnings as we co-constructed the project. Agilience was more than a mere « service provider », they were a « partner ». The briefing phase was very beneficial for us to take a step back to embrace the big picture. It helped to appreciate and prioritise accordingly deep trending topics from buzzing ones.
We will need to push the reflexion further, it is at least what comes out of our last meeting with them. Talking about « authority » is well picked as concept since it sticks to the reality of e-influence, associated to the micro-segmentation allowed by Agilience’s tools. We can dig in depth the ecosystems that are the most important for us on the long-run.

Olivier Raiman