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How to determine which site experts are reliable ? Courtesy Justin Weinberg – Daily Nous

A vast array of websites appear in most internet search results, and often those who are searching don’t know how to determine which sites experts consider reliable.

Gloria Origgi, a philosopher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, puts the point this way (in an essay here and in this book): we are moving beyond “the information age” into what she calls “the reputation age” in which “information will have value only if it is already filtered, evaluated and commented upon by others.”

She says:

Whenever we are at the point of accepting or rejecting new information, we should ask ourselves: Where does it come from? Does the source have a good reputation? Who are the authorities who believe it? What are my reasons for deferring to these authorities? Such questions will help us to get a better grip on reality than trying to check directly the reliability of the information at issue. In a hyper-specialised system of the production of knowledge, it makes no sense to try to investigate on our own, for example, the possible correlation between vaccines and autism. It would be a waste of time, and probably our conclusions would not be accurate. In the reputation age, our critical appraisals should be directed not at the content of information but rather at the social network of relations that has shaped that content and given it a certain deserved or undeserved ‘rank’ in our system of knowledge. These new competences constitute a sort of second-order epistemology. They prepare us to question and assess the reputation of an information source, something that philosophers and teachers should be crafting for future generations.

One firm that appears to be in the business of this “second-order epistemology,” at least when it comes to information online, is Agilience. As they put it on their “about” page:

There are billions of web pages, hundreds of millions of blogs or social media sources on the internet. If you are interested in a specific topic such as a sport, a hobby, a city, a cause to stand for, a business of any kind, etc., what are the most relevant sources you should read to have a trustworthy and up-to-date account of what’s going on? 

Agilience ranks online sources in various categories, including philosophy. And according to it, Daily Nous is ranked #1 in philosophy on its “authority index.”



Agilience Mindshare Matrix

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.06.39 PM

Agilience matrix is to mindshare what BCG’s matrix is to marketshare. Agilience matrix distinguishes influencers according to their level of authority and audience. Influencers are mapped into four quadrants. While icons force attention and milk their popularity,  Mavens and Gurus form the authority layer and deserve attention.  Anchors are influencers that have the  potential to become the next authorities


  • Audience counts, Authority matters
  • Mavens and gurus form the Authority layer
  • Popular icons are Audience leaders
  • Anchors are the potential  mavens

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Authority face off: Leonardo DiCaprio vs. TheClimateGroup

Leonardo DICAPRIO versus The Climate Group
Leonardo DICAPRIO versus The Climate Group

We are increasingly under social media influence. But who really has influence? How can we measure it?

Influence is often confused with mere audience. The main reason is that audience is straightforward to measure on social medias: all social networks provide a direct counts of followers or likes. What does audience really stand for? Audience is at best a measure of number of fans.  In fact, relying on audience to measure influence has several drawbacks and biases.

  • Audience can be bought. In fact there are many sites that offer you ways to increase your number of followers so that you can appear bigger than you really are.Climate Change Authority vs. Audience
  • Audience leaders are unfocused. Audience leaders are good to engage a general public but are not focused on a very specific topic. They are generalists who cover a bit of everything and are followed by a diverse public.
  • Audience leaders rely on experts to make their minds on specific topics and often relay the views of the experts. In the influence chain, the audience leader is often the last link.

Topicality and Authority

How can we move upstream in the influence chain and find the experts? The key is topicality and community: the experts share their passion with their peers in small communities centered on their topics of interest. To get a better handle on social influence we need a community specific measure of influence.

We call it Authority. Authority is by construction community specific and measures the online authority mindshare of a topic leader within the community.

Measuring topic authority is both simple and hard. It’s simple as it’s focused on two transparent and objective criteria: 1) is the source regularly sharing content on the topic of the community? 2) is the source recognized by its peers amongst the community?

The challenging part is to compute the authority, it’s an AI challenge:  Authority is a unique combination of semantics and social. Topicality challenge calls for powerful semantic engines. The social challenge is that authority leaders are not as visible than audience leaders, and hide in the long tails of sources with limited audience. Agilience computes authority rank relying on its patented A3S Artificial Intelligence engine.

Agilience reveals topic-centered communities and measures members authority, pointing out the top authorities in your field, the top stories that matter to your community and the most valuable way to engage the community.

Agilience A3S Technology: All in one Analytics: Semantics + Social + Statistics

A3S unique combination of Semantics Social and Statistical engines
A3S unique combination of Semantics Social and Statistical engines

Today there is over a billion people on social media. Self proclaimed expertise is a poor indicator of topic authority and random endorsement does not make for a more reliable indicator. Agilience profiling technology overcomes these limitations thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence engine A3S. A3S determines topic authority by checking for topic relevancy, peer recognition.


  1. Systematic, objective and reliable  recognition of topic authority calls for profiling technology
  2. Agilience A3S profiling technology is based on a unique combination of Social, Semantic and Statistical engines
  3. Agilience A3S powers authority based search providing you “top stories from top people”

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Social Icons magic touch

Social icons stand out as rallying points.  When it comes to beauty and life style, a happy few icons, like Bethany Mota reach out to the beauty sphere.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 2.57.54 PM

Bethany attracts massive audience, she is a,rallying points for a whole generation, with more fans than hollywood stars.


What’s is there magic touch?  It’s not hollywood that made Bethany a social icon. She like many other social icons did it on their own. Starting as the main character of their show, as all in one Youtuber, both actor and producer, with the help of a web cam.  Initially, Bethany covered mainly beauty;  beauty is only one of the may facets she covers today.  Bethany reaches now  to millions, she is a generation icon extending her coverage to breath of topics including life style, fashion, movies, travel.  Today Bethany reaches out to millions, and is a generation icon. What have widened their coverage and moved from topic experts to inspirational guides.

What’s social icons magic touch? Bethany is among the happy few social icons. Bethany has this magic touch to transcend topics, and to become the topic herself. Social icons have this magic touch to stay in touch with a whole generation and to cover a broad set of topics that reflect and inspire a whole  generation. That’s the Magic  touch.


Jessica HALL, Nail polish Maven

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.58.05 AM

Jessica Hall stands out as a Nail Polish and Beauty Salons authority..You can figure out  from Jessica Twitter handle (@luvmylacquer) that she has something going on with nail polish. What you can’t read from her Twitter handle is that Jessica is followed by more than 20% of nail polish insiders. This means a clear and strong  recognition by her peers. Beyond audience, anyone could buy, Jessica has earned peer mindshare.

Congratulations Jessica!

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What is authority and why it matters?

Authority level accorinding to topic relevancy and peer recognition
Authority level according to topic relevancy and peer recognition

Authority stands for targeted audience. Unlike overall Audience, Authority measures qualified audience with respect to a targeted community of interest. Authority matters as it pinpoints the  influencers focused  on a topic and recognized by their peers.


  1. Authority is to value what Audience is to volume
  2. Audience counts Authority matters

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Guru: The magic touch

Are you a guru?

Becoming a guru on a topic is quite special.  Take Hairstyle blog, one of the top the hairstyle guru. 

You can read off Hairstyle’s blog’s commitment from the twitter handle: “Dedicated to helping women look their best…”

You check that hairstyle’s blog walks the talk, by reading out the posts from the blog.

Beyond this commitment Hairstyle’s blog is plays central role for the community.  Hairstyle blog is at the epicenter of the community.

One out of five top authority on hair style follows Hair style blog, making hairstyle blog a reference guide for it’s peers. This is a tremendous reach within the inner circle of the hairstyle top authorities. Hair style reaches far beyond the inner circle: Hairstyle’s blog twitter handles indicates over 30K followers.

All in all, Hairstyle’s blog, along with Latest hairstyle, @latest-hair,  and few other is among happy few hairstyles gurus. These gurus have the magic touch, a reference guide on the topic for their peers and a source of inspiration and education for hundreds of thousands who want to look their best. This unique combination is the hallmark of a guru. Check if you are a guru in your field on

Congratulations Hairstyle blog.