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How does Agilience ranking works and why it matters?

AuthorityRank combines topic relevancy and peer recognition.
Agilience AuthorityRank takes advantage of the advantage of Agilience A3S combining Semantic, Social and Statistics analytics layers.

  • A3S exploits social analytics for peer recognition
  • A3S exploits powerful semantics for topicality.

Topic authority must be above a 10%, in order to be included in Agilience part of the corresponding ecosystem of sources. Topic Authority is updated on a monthly basis, ecosystem sizes varies from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand members, depending on the broadness of the topic.

Agilience  serves content from the top authorities of each ecosystem. Agilience covers today nearly 10 000 topics ranging from all kind of sports, medical disciplines, hobbies, industries to countries, cities and musical genres.

Is Agilience yet another social media?

Agilience is not a social media.  People are already hyperlinked in well-established social media services. We think there is a more useful job to do than adding a new service of this kind. Agilience helps you find easily top stories from top sources, to that extent it acts as a social media aggregator, explorer and search engine.  You can share the great stories you have found with your friends directly from Agilience using your favorite social media accounts. You can add the sources you have found to your list of friends in Twitter.

Why Agilience in the first place?

There are billions of web pages, hundred of millions of blogs or social media sources on the internet. If you are interested in a specific topic such as a sport, a hobby, a city, a cause to stand for, a business of any kind, etc., what are the most relevant sources you should read to have a trustworthy and up-to-date account of what’s going on? A few of them are popular and easy to find. Others − and certainly not the less interesting − are really difficult to spot and known only to specialists. If you plan to find them by yourself, be prepared for painful hours of web search sorting out genuinely interesting content from the vast majority of noise and commercially biased content that is easily accessible!

That’s precisely to avoid this pain and make the best of the web easily accessible that we have created Agilience.

When using Agilience search services you’ll not only find top content but fantastic people as well. You will discover topic experts. Beyond popular icons, you will discover mavens and gurus. That’s another reason that triggered us to invent Agilience and probably the most profound: help the people who do a great job in their field shine and get recognized.

What’s Agilience topic coverage

Agilience uses the semantic lattice of Wikipedia as its primary source of topics semantic definition.
We are very grateful to the excellent work done by the Wikipedia community. If you like the content provided by Agilience, please consider donating to Wikipedia!

What’s Agilience contribution?

Agilience contributes to find the most relevant sources talking about your topic of interest and gives you access in real time to top content. No more need to spend hours searching the web, blogs or web sites to stay on top: with Agilience you’re never more that a click away from relevant  and up-to-date information on your topic of interest.

What is the problem Agilience is tackling?

Library_-_the_original_search_engine_(4993073773)Imagine you go to a library and ask for the most relevant books on a topic you are interested in. You may be asking for books on a country or a city you plan to visit, a technical subject related to your work, a hobby, a political issue, etc. The librarian usually listens to your needs, disappears for a couple of minutes and comes back recommending  a pile of books, reviews and newspapers selected by the authority of their authors, the relevancy and the freshness of their content.

Today people search the web rather than ask a librarian. The problem is that the web is big, way too big… very noisy and biased at that! What deserves your attention out of the billions of web pages and the hundreds of millions of blogs or social media sources out there?

Search engines used to be the answer back in the early 90s when Altavista, Yahoo! and others were providing manually curated directories of web sites. Now they have become the main gateways for a world-wide $1.5 trillion e-commerce market, their focus has changed a bit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.03.08 PMIf we keep the library metaphor, imagine the librarian answering your needs with a list of books ranked by an obscure and unpublished algorithm, placing a sponsored book on the top of the pile and adding to it a couple of coupons for products related to your search… It would certainly help finance the running costs of the library, but what can you trust in the answer you get?

That’s precisely the problem Agilience is tackling by giving you access to the most relevant content from the top authorities on the topic you are interested in.

Is Agilience an independent rating service?

Unlike other rating services, Agilience is totally independent. Agilience rates sources based on public information available on the open internet. The rating process is entirely computer-based and we are rather stringent on keeping its independence and objectivity.

We use today the social graph of Twitter as it is one of the largest open social graph available. Besides, Twitter is often used as a notification agent of web sites and blogs and therefore provides a good starting point to discover interesting sources. We use Agilience 3S technology to explore the graph semantically and socially.

What’s in for me?

If you are an authority on a topic, you will find content to stay on top and Agilience will help  you shine. Agilience‘s rating aims to become the  most reliable and objective rating on the internet. Being in Agilience is a recognition of the relevancy and recognition of the job you do. We are designing a badge for  top authorities in Agilience so that you can use it on your blog or site as a way of showing your topic authority. By using it you can help the internet be a better place, a place where trust is earned; the rest can be bought and is probably already!