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7 Tips to boost your influence

Tip#1 – Be Social

Pay attention to your peers and what they have to say. How can you find them in the haystack of the sources active on social media? One way is to check them out on Agilience. You will find the 12 most influential sources by topic.

Tip#2 – Be Relevant

Sharing stories is good and show that you are active. Sharing relevant stories is better. You can find relevant stories on many social media, blogs, and newspapers. If you find this time consuming, try Agilience that filters for you stories pushed by the most influential people in their field.

Tip#3 – Be Respectful

Reacting, retweeting, commenting, liking others people stories is fine. Mentioning your sources in your messages, recognizing their contribution is better and more respectful. It’s a social etiquette that shows you’re really interested in what they say and not “borrowing” their content to add a few posts to your timelines.

Tip#4 – Be on Top

Check regularly what’s happening in your field. You can find a wealth of top stories on social media. Now again if you find this time consuming, you can find a digest on Agilience of the latest top stories shared by the most influential people in your field.

Tip#5 – Be Focused

Be clear on your realm of influence. Potentially you can envision interacting with a broad audience on any topic. But you may want to consider staying focused on a few topics. It’s the difference between being a generalist versus a specialist. To grow your influence, start focused on a few topics to get recognition from your peers.

Tip#6 – Be Curious

Your topic may be at the crossroad of several others. Consider exploring related topics to quickly access insights from different perspectives. If you’re interested in a product for example, try exploring its territories of usage or aspirations.

Tip#7 – Be Genuine

Being part of the conversation is good, contributing to the conversation is better. There are different roles you can play in the conversation. Play your role and be genuine, it’s likely to best contribute to the overall conversation and increase your authority on your topics.

Stratégie de communication & influenceurs : Quête impossible ou approche à réviser ? (étude Cision)

Ziatan Ibrahiovic influence realm according to Klout
Zlatan Ibrahimovic influence according to Klout

Trouver des influenceurs, tout le monde peut ! En revanche trouver ceux qui comptent n’est pas à la portée de tous.  L’enquête menée par CISION souligne l’importance croissante accordée par les entreprises à la mise en place d’une stratégie de communication via des influenceurs. L’enquête montre aussi qu’à ce stade la démarche est encore approximative.

Si pour vous la mise en place d’une démarche scientifique et éprouvée est un impératif, alors découvrez sur Agilience  les influenceurs qui ont véritablement de l’autorité dans votre domaine de prédilection.


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