Danone Company trust Agilience to strengthen their digital influence

Danone Company trust Agilience to strengthen their digital influence

danone-okWe took a moment to interview Gian Maria Bruno, Danone Company Brand Director, to gather his feedback about the work done with Agilience since one year.


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I have a Marketing and sales background, I joined the Company Brand Team 3 years ago. My main objective is to make of Danone company uniqueness a value growth driver inspiring around the company vision, and co-creating with the various regions around the globe.


What where the stakes and context in which you reached out to Agilience?

The context was last year the launch of the company brand in France. Today, more than ever, people want to know who is the company behind the brands they love. Not only the company name but more… its employees, its commitments, its social projects and above all the values guiding its approach to business.

We believe a healthy body needs healthy food. And healthy food needs a healthy planet. All with healthy ecosystems and strong, resilient social structures. We simply can’t have one without the other.

That’s what our new signature, “One Planet One Health”, encapsulates

A profound influencer campaign was required to deliver this message, and we needed to do it in a different way, going beyond the paid influence and the classical PR activities.

I got an internal call from our CMO about Agilience, expressing it was worth to be investigated

Indeed we found the idea and the methodology very promising, the overall idea being to connect and engage the relevant key opinion formers to get more pull in a pure organic way and generate conversations around the relevant topics


What type of intervention did Agilience?

Agilience behaved as a solid partner allowing us to:

Identify the key authorities (key opinion formers) of our various communities

– Train and help the French team to engage the authorities in a disruptive way, much more social and interactive


Against your initial problematic what has Agilience’s added value / benefit brought?

At the end of the day the Agilience tool and approach turned out to be very relevant, bringing a strong earned media section to our communication plan

It’s a trigger for credibility and for organic amplification

Antoine De Jaegere