Jessica HALL, Nail polish Maven

Jessica HALL, Nail polish Maven

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Jessica Hall stands out as a Nail Polish and Beauty Salons authority..You can figure out  from Jessica Twitter handle (@luvmylacquer) that she has something going on with nail polish. What you can’t read from her Twitter handle is that Jessica is followed by more than 20% of nail polish insiders. This means a clear and strong  recognition by her peers. Beyond audience, anyone could buy, Jessica has earned peer mindshare.

Congratulations Jessica!

Mavens, like Jessica, make a unique contribution to their community, and that makes them special community pillars.

Who is a maven? 

A maven is a community pillar who has earned peer  mindshare and contributes to the community by sharing topic relevant content.

Discovering mavens?

Mavens are hidden in the audience long tail and therefore are hard to find. To spot mavens, you need a special search engine to screen the long tail and spot these hidden community authorities. Agilience authority engine spots mavens hidden behind audience leaders.

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