Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits with Agilience: birth and rise of an authority

Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits with Agilience: birth and rise of an authority

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to exchange with Le Grand Forum des Tout-Petits that we have been supporting for the last 2 years. We are very proud of the work accomplished so far for a cause that is dear to us, go have a look at what they do if you don’t know them! Here is the account of their experience working with us.


  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

logo-forum-petits_v2I manage the operations for the Grand Forum des Tout-Petits. It is an association that aims at promoting health for very small kids : from conception until a child’s second birthday, it covers the 1000 first days of life. A wealth of high impact and long term effects parameters are shaped during this time for human beings. We realized that the public as well as some professionals were not always beneficiating from up to date, reliable information on this complex topic. Despite a wide coverage of mothers’ and babies’ health topics on social media.

  • What were the stakes and context in which you reached out to Agilience?

In order to approach social media and let the health topics revolving around the first 1000 days, we needed to strengthen our online strategy. It quickly came to our attention that it is a complex environment with its own codes. Running a Twitter or Facebook account at home and doing so for an association targeting public health issues are two distinct things. Creating a channel to open a dialogue between digital and real life players was an added difficulty, but key to build clear, accurate and qualified information about the first 1000 days of life.

  • What type of intervention did Agilience?

Agilience was involved at all the stages and we have used all the services the company has to offer. The first need was for us to get acquainted to the digital world. The engagement strategy mapped accurately  our topics and laid the fondations for the next steps while teaching us about the impact of such an adventure. We first relayed content from the important authorities, the next steps took us to publish our own content according to an editorial line well integrated by the team. It is a successful challenge since we have become a major authority on the themes related to the 1000 first days. As we speak our next big challenge is to maintain our position according to the level of expectations coming with our leading authority status.

  • Against your initial problematic what has Agilience’s added value / benefit been?

Agilience’s added value was a calm, very structured appraoch backed by clear processes and understable deliverables. The authority concept thanks to a scientific method, is transparent. Our trust with Agilience has never been questioned. With a smart understanding of our needs, a lot of flexibility to co-create our project the team played an important role to make it a success. The result is a long-lasting relation.baby-2416718_960_720


Olivier Raiman