Mere Audience masks the big picture

Mere Audience masks the big picture

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Audience long tail

The top tier of Audience leaders draw attention, but mask the big picture. In the realm of Influence chains effects rule and the rulers are hidden in the long tail.


  1. Audience masks the big picture
  2. Authority leaders are hidden in the long tail
  3. Sheer Authority ripples beyond mere Audience

The big picture calls for an analysis of the long tail.  Hidden in the long tail are resilient authority leaders who influence the whole chain. Their strength is not the size of their audience, but their peer authority. Thanks to chain effects, authority leaders mastermind the whole influence chain.

No big picture without a big crunch. To detect authority leaders involves influence chains analysis. The analysis of the influence chain is demanding and requires mastering social, semantic and statistical analysis.

Agilience A3S technology drills down the long tail. Agilience A3S technology combines semantic, social and statistical analysis to achieve a fast and thorough exploration of the influence chain.

Bottom line: Forget the size rule of the scale economy. Today’s digital economy winners leverage the whole digital prescription chain. It’s a shift from size to chain effects.




Olivier Raiman