New release of Agilience

New release of Agilience

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We are pleased to announce the new release of Agilience free service powered by 2 million topic authorities providing you with live coverage on 10 000 topics. Authority powered search is a disruptive service in the advent of social media as Google has been in the early days of the web. Agilience is a game changer putting people rather than documents at the center. AuthorityRank is a people centric ranking mechanism of results in the same way as “PageRank” is document centric ranking mechanism.  AuthorityRank sets Agilience apart in terms of quality and transparency of the results.Takeaways:

  • Authority powered stands for quality: all results are curated by top authorities in their field.
  • Authority based search stands for transparency: each result is backed by a topic authority.

Agilience Authority powered search stands for quality: All results are curated by top authorities in their field. Take for instance the topic of Golf.  Each result is backed by at least one or more Golf authorities who curated the story.

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Agilience Authority based search stands for transparency: Each result is displayed with  their curators and their topic authority. For this reason, Agilience authority powered search stands for transparency providing new with a clear profile of the curator of the story.

Agilience Authority powered search is a tribute to topic authorities. Each and every result is associated with topic authorities. Topic authority seals that are been granted as a result of in depth screening for content relevancy and peer recognition.

Authority powered search is a game changer by taking advantage of social media it gives  back the power to the people.

Olivier Raiman