Social Icons magic touch

Social Icons magic touch

Social icons stand out as rallying points.  When it comes to beauty and life style, a happy few icons, like Bethany Mota reach out to the beauty sphere.

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Bethany attracts massive audience, she is a,rallying points for a whole generation, with more fans than hollywood stars.


What’s is there magic touch?  It’s not hollywood that made Bethany a social icon. She like many other social icons did it on their own. Starting as the main character of their show, as all in one Youtuber, both actor and producer, with the help of a web cam.  Initially, Bethany covered mainly beauty;  beauty is only one of the may facets she covers today.  Bethany reaches now  to millions, she is a generation icon extending her coverage to breath of topics including life style, fashion, movies, travel.  Today Bethany reaches out to millions, and is a generation icon. What have widened their coverage and moved from topic experts to inspirational guides.

What’s social icons magic touch? Bethany is among the happy few social icons. Bethany has this magic touch to transcend topics, and to become the topic herself. Social icons have this magic touch to stay in touch with a whole generation and to cover a broad set of topics that reflect and inspire a whole  generation. That’s the Magic  touch.


Olivier Raiman